Athbah Arts
Equitation and Entertainment
Jawadi Festival
November 29 - December 3 | Riyadh
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Athbah Arts
Equestrian and Entertainment
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Our Story

Athbah Arts is an extension of over ten years of achievements of Athbah Stud, which has attained a prestigious reputation and position locally, regionally and globally being home to an exceptional selection of the rarest and purest bloodline of horses, including the original Saudi pedigree, as well as its pioneering imprint in the equestrian world with outstanding achievements in speed races and Arabian horse beauty championships where it has won many titles and competitions.

With the aim of meeting the objectives of Athbah Stud in preserving the heritage of the Arabian horse by enhancing its stature, raising awareness and educating the public about all aspects related to equestrianism, Athbah Arts Company was born

 Athbah Arts Company seeks to create a captivating world which manifests the beauty of purebred Arabian horses combined with Saudi history and heritage through the design and implementation of purposeful and innovative equestrian entertainment events and festivals that meet the aspirations of society.

Our Vision

To promote the stature of the purebred Arabian horse in Saudi heritage and provide enriching experiences for Arabian horse enthusiasts and the society at large within a framework of entertainment, luxury and joy, in line with the objectives of the ambitious Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Excellence and Creativity


Our Mission​

To be the focal point between artists and Arabian horse enthusiasts and a platform to showcase their work through the design, implementation and sponsorship of events and festivals that celebrate the Saudi heritage and the authenticity of purebred Arabian horses.

Our Goals

Our Fields

Saudi Product

We proudly support and empower Saudi national products at all levels and in all areas of our work to achieve the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Arts and

We commemorate Saudi heritage and history in all aspects of our work and we celebrate and nurture all types the cultural arts associated with equestrianism that promote and reinforce the beauty of national identity.

Education and Awareness

We organize and support initiatives, activities, events and projects that aim to raise awareness and educate the community on all matters related to equestrianism and related cultural arts.

Design, Management and Organization

We execute comprehensive equestrian entertainment and cultural events inclusive of all aspects and phases of planning, design, management and organization, in addition to providing all associated services.

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Key Projects

Through its equestrian stature and experience, woven deep into the Saudi culture and heritage, Athbah Arts achieved a prominent reputation as a reputable equestrian event organizer and designer, utilizing its diversified amphitheatre of services, which enable it to design and produce traditional event settings, along with horse tack, accessories and cultural costumes, in addition to all forms of equestrian arts, in harmony with the beauty of Arabian Horses and Saudi heritage.