The Riyadh Arabian Horse Festival (Jawadi 2022) Draws Its Curtains on Unforgettable Experiences

Athbah Arts drew the curtains on the first edition of the Riyadh Arabian Horse Festival (Jawadi) on December 3rd as part of Riyadh Season 2022. Five consecutive days of entertainment and equestrianism provided the visitors with unforgettable experiences in a mesmerizing atmosphere of authenticity and simplicity, where the rich Saudi heritage and deep-rooted culture reigned supreme.

With this conclusion came also the successful wrap-up of two Arabian horse shows, organized by the Arabian Horse Organization (AHO) and supervised by King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Center. The Saudi Breeders’ Cup, with the participation of 177 heads of purebred Arabians, and the Saudi-Bred Champions Cup with the participation of 80 purebred Arabian horses, competing for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The success of this event only underscores Athbah Arts’ goal to bridge between artists, performers, local shop owners, and Arabian horse owners, breeders, and admirers to show their mesmerizing work and production and celebrate cultural heritage and authenticity together, as well as educate the public about all aspects related to equestrianism.


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